Mizuki Sakurazaka
    Mizuki Sakurazaka

    Age:16 years old
    Height:176 cm
    Weight:55 kg
    Gender: Female


    The female lead of the series, Mizuki has a personality which could be said to be the opposite of Akira: tough on the outside, yet gentle and sensitive beneath her tomboy facade. She's a first-year student, and the "prince" of her cohort. Despite her confidence in front of other girls, she finds herself pretty helpless when confronted by Akira's advances. Also, she's afraid of pain, so much so that her ears are not pierced. Although she likes Akira, she still has difficulty letting go of her image in front of him; this sometimes leads to quarrels between them. Initially, she harboured an intense dislike for boys, due to the experience she had with a childhood playmate, who made her feel uncomfortable whenever they played together. Ironically, that playmate turned out to be Akira.
    She has a younger sister. Also, she's a fan of Sakuya Ookochi, a member of the band Lucifer from Kaikan Phrase, another work by Shinjo Mayu.


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