Yoshio Yoshida
    Yoshio Yoshida
    Yoshida is cute but - other than two loyal (yet ugly) friends and a sadistic year-mate - everyone hates him. He gains this hostility by hogging the attention of the school's heartthrob Satou. What the girls of the school don't know is that Satou uses Yoshida as an excuse to refuse girls, and that Yoshida is only a poor victim. 

    Disregarding his poor use of Yoshida, Satou likes him very much; as he is actually a class mate from Yoshida's elementary school. As a 'strong man with a sense of justice' and the tallest in the class, Yoshida was actually popular and rescued Satou from bullies.

    Now in highschool and because of this Satou seems to have decided that Yoshida is his 'favourite'. With a hard childhood, the now sadistic Satou causes much pain for Yoshio. 


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