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Latifa Fleuranza

Latifa Fleuranza

Latifa Fleuranza is one of the main characters in the Amagi Brilliant Park series. She is a young girl with blonde wavy hair who has a teeny tiny silver tiara resting atop her head and has deep blue eyes. Latifa wears an elegant white dress made up of multiple of layers. The top layer features are flower embroidery at the ends and underneath the top layer it consists of frills. She has a light pink corset that is tightly tied by ribbons creating a slim hourglass figure that is emphasized by the poofiness of the dress layers. Latifa also wears white gloves, and accessories herself with two necklaces of different lengths. Sometimes she wears a blue scarf. Her name originates from Queen Latifah.

Latifa is cheerful person and is usually seen with a smile on her face. She is a caring and passionate person who is shown to be deeply concerned about the future of the amusement park and the consequences of it failing. Despite seeming demure and sweet, it is clear that she would go to great lengths to protect the park- evidenced by how she was willing to kiss a boy she had only just met to prove her "magic." It is shown that Latifa has a brilliant bright smile.


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