Nana Alba
Nana Alba

Birth date: Astaria calendar Year 332 October 12
Height: 135cm
Weight: 29.5 kg
Eye color: green
Hair color: light brown
Likes: cute clothes, flowers, ribbons, etc


Nana is a bat +Anima. She has very large bat wings, ultrasonic screech, and ears that can pop out and hear extremely well.

Nana loves ribbons and girly clothes. She was raised in a poor household with a kind but weak-looking mother and an alcoholic, abusive father. One night when he was attacking her mom, Nana jumped up and accidentally stabbed her father's hand with her scissors. He then went after her with an ax, in the dark forest at night, and she became a bat +Anima- she is still scared of forests at night. She originally joined a underground group of all orphaned girls in a town called Octopus, but left because she felt hated. Once the boys turned up and an unfortunate incident involving Husky's pearls ended, Delly (one of the girls) told her to go join them, because it would be good for her.

Nana seems to have grown less afraid and more opinionated during her time with Husky, Cooro, and Senri. Even though Husky "hated" her in the beginning, she now seems to have a crush on him, and cherishes the necklace he made for her. 

She is good at household things. She was raised doing household chores so she can do them naturally. Her favorite food is anything luxurious. Her favoriye food is freshly baked bread. She can't eat bread while camping outside. She also likes vegetable soup.


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