Birth date: Astaria Calendar Year 331 August 2
    Height: 142 cm
    Weight: 35kg
    Eye color: blackish-brown
    Hair color: black
    Likes: almost all food (especially apples)


    A crow +Anima, Cooro can spring black feathered wings from his back and use them to fly like a bird. He is naïve, a bit absent-minded, and slow to make decisions. However, he is optimistic and always cheerful. He is kind-hearted, and more than willing to help anyone in need, although sometimes his good work results in him asking for pay or food. 

    It is revealed that he fell from the sky when he was a baby at the beginning of volume one. That is the last of his past you see, but there is a scholar who knows about him.It seems that he had his +Anima since he was born. He recused Husky from the circus when he arrived, but was first employed as the "messenger of death" (due to his black wings). He enthusiastically let Nana, Senri, and Rose join up and travel with them right away

    He trusts everyone, which can get him in trouble, but can lead to good things. Also in some point he has ability to read other people or anima emotions.

    His favorite food is really anything, but especially apples. He hates bitter foods and bees, and when his friends get hurt.


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