Kou Mabuchi
    Kou Mabuchi
    Birthday: May 27
    Zodiac: Gemini
    Blood type: O
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 58 kg
    Best subject: Social Studies
    Worst subject: Classic Literature
    Favorite food: chicken nanban
    Least favorite food: celery
    Favorite musician: Dave Matthews Band
    Siblings: one elder brother
    First love: 1st year of middle school
    Usual snack: potato chips
    Favorite beverage: coffee
    Favorite colors: blue & black
    Other: His hair is part naturally messy, part perm.

    Kou was well liked in middle-school, he liked Futaba and they had a growing relationship, but then he suddenly moved away in the middle of the school year. His parents divorced and he now lives with his father (presumably he first lived with his mother after the divorce, but when starting high school he moved in with his father instead, for unknown reasons). He is currently attending the same high school as Futaba under a new last name (probably his mother's). He eventually admits to being "Tanaka-kun," and while acting cold and uncaring toward her most of the time, his nice side becomes gradually more prominent.


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