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Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat


Height: 180 cm  
Hobbies: Brushing up against the places people don't want to be touched 
Birthplace: "Since I'm just a thrown away cat, I don't quite recall~" 
Special Skill: Stalking 
Personality: The Worst (so say the inhabitants of Wonderland) 
Favorite Type: "Isn't it the person who becomes my mistress?" 
Desired Pet: "That's no good- pets can't keep pets, you know." 
Favorite ZeroSum Series: Gakuyaura (楽屋裏) 


Cheshire cat usually stalks Alice. Most of times he is seen always smiling and with a polite attitude, but in reality he hides a secret of his past, related to Wonderland itself. 
Dubbed by Inoue Kazuhiko in the CD Drama.


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