Carrot Glace
Carrot Glace

Age: 17 
Hair: Black
Weapon and Power: He carries a sword which he doesn't use very well. His one power is zooantropy.
Habit: Has this strange habit of eating anything he finds on the ground and then choking on it. Also note that when he is shouting out that he wants a woman that he will spiel a bunch of nonsense and then trip or fall on the ground.


The reluctant hero and leader of the Sorcerer Hunters, Carrot is the ultimate ladies man, but only in his own mind. The thousands of girls that slap him in the face don't discourage him on his endless search for love...or a quickie in bed, whichever he can get. The one place he can get love (Tira and Chocolate) is the one place he rejects it. Carrot is the comedy relief and although he seems like a perverted jerk most of the time he does have a good heart.


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