Tira Misu
    Tira Misu

    Age: 16
    Height: 158 cm
    Weight: 42 kg


    She, along with Chocolate, was raised by Carrot and Marron's father and mother, Onion and Apricot. She resembles Little Red Riding Hood, dressed in an oversized cloak and glasses.

    She seems very meek and shy, but reveals a bolder side of her personality in combat, pulling away her cloak and revealing her whip and leather Dominatrix gear. She is very skilled with the whip, and is the one who usually beats Carrot down after he transforms, turning him back to human form in the anime.

    Tira is deeply in love with Carrot, but due to her shy nature she isn't very up-front until later in the manga. Tira gets jealous when Carrot flirts with other girls, and along with her sister Chocolate, she whips Carrot as punishment for his wandering eyes (though Tira is not as vicious as Chocolate is).

    In battle, Tira occasionally uses a wire/thread instead of a whip. She also has basic knowledge of Gaia's magic, which is derived from nature; magic she learned from Apricot Glace, though she is only able to heal with it. Her dominatrix attire in the manga and OAVs is the traditional ensemble consisting of leather stiletto-heel boots, bustiers, corsets, spiked dog chains, etc. Her anime attire, however, has a more colorful style, consisting of a tight, skimpy, orange and white leotard with an emerald "tie," white gloves and heels. In the manga, her dominatrix outfit changes often—sometimes even during the same story. In the anime, she appeared in her manga outfit after being reborn.


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