Mutsuki Kurama
    Mutsuki Kurama

    Voiced by: Tsuda Kenjirou (Drama CD)
    Age: Unknown
    Position: A Rhode Knight, Knight of the Black Rose
    Ability: Search and seizure techniques
    Height: 184 cm (6'.5")
    Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs)
    Birthday: May 9th, Taurus
    Blood type: A
    Hobbies: Looking for places to take afternoon naps
    Dislikes: Snow


    Mutsuki has a very dark aura around him and hardly talks to anyone. He is reluctant to accept Anís as his master, referring to her as a wench, and a missy. He likes the darkness and says that he is not a human, but a "dark stalker", which has the power to commune with nature and live longer than humans. Other abilities besides flying are unknown. He has "search and seizure" specialties; strings that are controlled by him appear from his fingers and he has an acute sense of smell and perception. He says that he spent many years in solitary slumber, waiting for his master to arrive/resurrect. According to rumors he puts curses on people and is the head of delinquents. Implied that he is a masochist when he seems satisfied when Anís smacks him around, and seems jealous of the White Rose when he gets collared by the rose whip. He also falls in love with her as well. In chapter 11 he uses his string to keep the Red Rose away from Anís. Despite his brooding demeanor, he also reveals to have forgotten his past and is thereby the last of his race. It is also said that he is "owned" by the White Rose's family. He specializes in investigation and has a mass knowledge of dark magic, due to his unknown past. He fights his enemies through his dark strings that are invisible to the naked eye.


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