Anís Yamamoto
Anís Yamamoto
Voiced by: Hirano Aya (Drama CD)
Age: 16
Position: Rose maiden, Dominion, Head Lord Knight
Height: 162 cm (5'3.5")
Weight: secret!
Birthday: November 27th, Sagittarius
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Reading (Fashion Magazines & Comics)
Fears: Thunder, fire, earthquakes and her father's wrath, should she take off the choker. A cheerful character who always wore a rose choker which her father gave her. He told her that if she ever took it off, she would be punished. Anís was unable to take it off until it disappeared after Ninufa, a bat-like-creature, bowled her over. After Ninufa scurried away, Anís found that she was holding a Red card. She ignores the fact and runs after Ninufa to get her choker back when a monster attacks. Itsushi-sensei, the librarian, tells her that she must kiss the card she was holding. When she does so, Kaede appears out of the card calling her "master". Anís becomes the Dominion, able to summon any of the four rose knights. However, whenever the knights use their power, they drain the life force from her blood. This causes Anís to believe that becoming the Dominion is her punishment for losing her choker. Although the choker she was wearing only brought Anís in the center of attention, for fear of her father's punishment she begins searching for it with the help of her Rose Knights. Apparently one of her special powers as a Dominion as that she is able to call forth a black whip-like rope filled with thorns to used to beat them into submission, or to collar them (much to the delight of the black and white roses).


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