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Train Heartnet

Train Heartnet


Birthday: 13 April
Age: 23 Years
Blood Type: Type O
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 65 KG
Occupation: Sweeper
Equipment: Decorated Gun (Hades)
Likes: Milk, Seafood, Rice balls (onigiri)
Dislikes: Woman's Tears
Hand: Left handed, but claims to be Ambidextrous in order to forget his past. His accuracy is increased when he uses his left hand.
Skills: Can sleep anywhere, gunman

Also known as Black Cat and the main protagonist in the story, he starts as a ruthless assassin but learns compassion from Saya Minatsuki

He always wears a bell around his neck to remind him of what he once was and could once more become. In the manga, he already has the bell from book one. In the anime, Eve gives him the bell from the fable of the Black Cat.

His gun was made just for him by Chronos, called Hades. He also has a soft spot for women and children, especially when tears are shed.


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