Kajun Faycott
    Kajun Faycott
    Kajun Faycott is one of the main characters of the Remix Heart manga and of the two Remix Heart Gaiden side-stories in the game Chrono Phantasma Extend. She was a classmate and friend of Noel Vermillion, Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya and Mai Natsume as well as a schoolmate of Jin Kisaragi and Carl Clover during their time at the Military Academy. Though she behaved like a normal student, in reality she was an undercover agent from Sector Seven that was sent by Kokonoe to search for and secure a powerful grimoire.

    Kajun acts like an eccentric but refined young lady, though she also likes to tease her friends. She is rather manipulative as she will encourage her friends to pursue actions that further her mission while concealing her true motive. Nonetheless she cares for them and will try to encourage and help them. For example she willingly ate Noel's death cooking with Mai and created an opportunity for Tsubaki to be together with Jin as she was aware of Tsubaki's feelings. Kajun is very intelligent and shows an extreme thirst of knowledge as she loves collecting data and analyzing events and people around her. The urge to know sometimes drives her into doing odd things, or making others do odd things for her; she even carries a small handbook around to take notes about whatever catches her attention. Kajun never displays any fighting capabilities, has relatively poor physical abilities and the power of her Ars Magus isn't exceptional, however she is very good at manipulating Ars Magus and shaping it to produce the effects she desires.


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