Milfa is a young Broad Buster. She may seem to be a naive and weak girl, but she is incredibly strong since Broad Busters are considered to be the strongest Buster force. However, as Level Forty is the minimum to be a BB and Milfa is only in the low forties, she is still technically a rookie Broad Buster. She is very flirtatious with Beet After she sees his Saiga, she realizes that he has inherited the Saiga of the Zenon Warriors. She considers Beet's encounter a "meeting of fate" because she idolized Zenon from childhood, and believes Beet will grow up to be just like him. Beet is impressed by her fighting skills, but does not understand her flirting. Milfa also falls in love with Kissu after he saves her and displays his amazing tengeki uses. She may even become a new addition to the Beet Warriors.

Milfa mostly fights with martial arts. She fights with the tengeki of lightning, focusing it on her self like a lightning rod with devastating results (lightning armor or aura of sorts). Milfa has a huge saiga called the Lightbolt Grasper, usable as a huge clamp to grapple larger enemies. Milfa considers Poala to have great potential, and together, lightning and fire make a wonderful team with Milfa as the mentor. Has recently started hitting on Slade, dropping hints such as revealing her rather large breasts to him in the guise of showing her level. She does, however, express disdain toward Slade because he is "no fun," and in volume 12 does a great deal to support a broken Kissu.


Lightbolt Grasper: A saiga shaped like a giant claw that Milfa uses to grab her enemies. Once they are in its grasp, she can electrify them, or hold them for others to destroy. She can also use it to fire a beam of lighting at her opponents, moving them out of her opponent's way. 


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