Kojirou Hyuuga
    Kojirou Hyuuga

    Date of birth: 17th August
    National team jersey number: #9
    Position: Forward
    Nickname: Tiger Striker


    To help his family, Kojirou Hyuuga wants to be a professional player, an ace striker. His devotion to football and his persistence to shoot the goal is outstanding. He was both Tsubasa’s and Genzo’s top rival. A great guy, Hyuuga is not only strong, he is also tough but at the same time caring. Can be a bit impulsive at times, though. He was once famous because of his roughness and many players were scared of him. But, Hyuuga is actually a gentle boy who cares about his family and friends.
    Special Techniques: Chokusenteki drible, Tiger Shot and Raiju Shoot and Toho Golden Combi


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