Kotomi Ichinose
    Kotomi Ichinose
    Birthday: Monday, 13 May 1985
    Constellation: Taurus
    Blood type: A
    Height: 160cm ~ 5'3''
    Bust: 88cm
    Waist: 58cm
    Hip: 85cm
    Weight: 48kg (106 lbs)
    Favorite animal: African Elephant
    Favorite food: Pork cutlet
    Occupation: Student
    Relatives: Koutarou Ichinose (father, deceased), Mizue Ichinose (mother, deceased), and Gentleman (godfather) 

    Kotomi is another schoolmate of Tomoya's in the same year, but, like Kyou, is in a separate class from Tomoya. The "Koto" in Kotomi is derived from the Japanese musical stringed instrument of the same name. She is in the top ten for every subject throughout the whole country in standardized exam results—she always goes to library to read extra materials, especially books in foreign languages. Kotomi is a very quiet girl and it is quite difficult to communicate with her. In her spare time, she plays the violin, although she is very poor at it to the point of causing pain to those who hear her play. 


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