Masaomi Heike
    Masaomi Heike
    A classmate of Sakura's, and the Student Council Secretary. For no reason at all he would set up a table in the middle of a hallway and drink some tea. He seems to enjoy bondage, as he constantly carries a book around with the cover having the woman in a kinbaku. He is later to be revealed as a Code: Breaker as well, under the code-name 02 (and with this all the even Code: Breakers have been introduced: 2, 4, and 6). Like Rei he also uses the same Code of Hammurabi, but instead of Evil for Evil he replaces it with "and eternal shackles for the evil." He also doesn't seem to prefer killing his targets, stating that "life is precious."

    Heike's power is controlling light. His Lost form (the form each Code:Breaker takes when he/she temporarily loses his/her special power due to overuse) has not been revealed, as Heike always wears a full-body metal armor to cover himself when in his Lost form, but others describe it as "something incredible".


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