Ibara Naruse
    Ibara Naruse

    Age: 17


    The protagonist of the series. Ibara is a friend and senior of Aoi Fukasaku and Taeko Nomura. She is also the leader of the Coppelion Rescue Unit, who possesses super strength.

    She's armed with a modified Ludger 22 Caliber Ruger, and sometimes an Ground-to-Air rocket "Hand Arrow" (don't be confused with Stinger rocket launcher). She also administers any victim or survivor with Aether, which contains their genetic serum to keep survivors alive while waiting for JGSDF chopper (that's why she asked Vice-Principal Mishima to make more Aether because Aether's only limited).

    Her production code is C-2.

    Ibara means "Rose" or "Thorn," and Naruse her given name means "to give prosperities."


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