Yoshiki Kishinuma
    Yoshiki Kishinuma

    Age: 17
    Height: 172 cm (5' 8")
    Weight: 62.1 kg (137 lbs)
    Birth date: November 8 (Scorpio)
    Blood type: A


    Giving off the aura of a delinquent, Yoshiki faced difficulty in school due to issues at home. At one point, Yoshiki considered getting himself expelled from Kisaragi Academy since he could not find a reason to continue attending if he had no interest. However, Ayumi changed Yoshiki's mind on the matter after standing up for him against their PE teacher Mikio Tsubota. Carrying over from his attitude at school, Yoshiki is prone to outbursts of frustration when faced with difficult situations. Though he often means well, his actions can appear cold or even selfish to those around him.


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