Kiri Kurose
    Kiri Kurose

    Age: 16 (Part 1), 18 (Part 2)
    Birthday: August 4
    Blood type: B
    Height: 175 cm (Part 1), 177 cm (Part 2)
    Talents: guitar, singing


    One of the band members. Hana accidentally met him at Central Park, where Kiri was doing his part time job there on that day. He is the first member Hana recruited. Kiri is known as a bad-tempered guy. This is the reason why he always keeps getting fired from his jobs. Kiri told Hana the reason why he accepted Hana's offer to be a celebrity because he wants to make money to help his father pays off their debts. He also went to the same school as Hana, but never was her classmate.