Lark Alfen
Lark Alfen

Age: 15
Date of birth: September 10th
Height: 1.70
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Red
Occupation: High school student


Lark is the main character of the series. He is a human secretly living in Crepuscule for the last 10 years. He is a freshman student at Arzew Academy.
Lark's father died in a carriage accident two months before Lark was born, and then Lark's mother died of a seizure several weeks after his birth. After the death of both of his parents, Lark was left in the care of his mother's sister. Lark's foster parents treated the red-eyed boy as a monster who caused the death of his parents. Lark's red eyes also caused him to be bullied by the other kids in his village. Around the time he was 5 years old, Lark met Setz, a real vampire with red eyes who became Lark's first friend. Because his guardians were thinking of sending him back to the orphanage, Lark decided to leave their care and run away. Before going, he wanted to say good bye to his only friend, Setz. However, Setz decided to take Lark with him to his World, where everyone has red eyes, so that they wouldn't have to separate. But upon their arrival, Setz had to leave Lark with Angela because he had to return home with his father. Lark then stayed with Angela, at Nergal region, for ten years, attending weekend school. Ten years later after leaving the human world, Lark is enrolled by Angela in Arzew Academy at Navarus, despite his complaints. Angela orders him to retrieve some ingredients from the director of the school for her. Lark gives in and goes to the school.


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