Sekreuz Trenkel Navarus
Sekreuz Trenkel Navarus

Age: 16
Date of birth: December 31st
Height: 1.76
Hair: Black
Eyes: Red
Occupation: High school student


Sekreuz Trenkel Navarus or "Setz" is a pureblood vampire. He is the heir of the Navarus household. He is currently a junior student at Arzew and the vice-president of the student council.
Setz's mother, Elize Trenkel Navarus, died while she was still pregnant with Stez. Even though Setz's mother was dead for 500 years, her corpse didn't rot and the baby in her womb was still alive. When Setz was finally born, his mother's corpse instantly roted. With his mother dead, Setz was left to be raised by a very strict and proud father, Ratatusk Navarus. Being the son of a noble family, Setz was raised under rigid dictates, which caused him to become cold and lonely. Despite the fact that he was raised by a very strict father, he frequently defied his father's orders and tried to "escape" his assistant/guardian Quz. He strongly disliked being told what to do and couldn't stand the fact that he "had to act like an aristocrat".
When Setz is 6 year old, he passes some time in a resort in the Nergal region with his father, Navarus. There, he discovers a door to the other World, where humans live. In one of his outings there, he meets a 5 year old orphan, called Lark. He soon becomes friend with him and meets him daily. Some time later, in the danger of losing his only true friend, Setz brings Lark in his world, Crepuscule. He leaves him at the front of Angela's house with the plan of returning to get him afterwards. When he returns at the house, his angered father orders him to prepare his stuff in order to depart with him immediately for their mansion. Setz is not able to bring Lark with him, who is left at Angela's. When he and his father arrive at the Navarus mansion, they are greeted by a girl Setz sees for the first time. Her name is Carne Greyfell and Setz's father announces him that she is his fiancee and his job from now on is to take care of her.
Ten years pass and Setz is a junior class student at Arzew Academy. He is the vice president of the Student Council that Carne leads.


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