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Halvir Hropter
Halvir Hropter
Halvir Hropter (AKA "Havi") is a wizard who helps Prince Vald Alsvieth tame the beast of his soul by his touch. Searching together for a cure to end the curse the prince is under, they encounter many adventures on their journey.
Havi is a decidedly strange soul who values unique or rare artifacts above most anything else. He is very determined and stubborn, clashing with Vald's temper every now and again. He has a very one-track, obsessive mind when it comes to the things he wants; sometimes to the point of losing sight of what is morally just. But he has Vald to eventually set him straight, and it doesn't take long before he falls head-over-boots for his handsome prince.
Havi's magic and intellect are without equal, but he finds himself a tough opponent in the head-strong and kind Prince Vald.


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