Steve Leonard
    Steve Leonard
    Steve Leonard is one of the main characters of the Saga, first appearing in the first book 'Cirque Du Freak' as a child and Darren's best friend. When he buys them tickets to the Cirque du Freak, the two of them go together, and Steve is shocked to recognize Larten Crepsley/Vur Horsten as a vampire whom he had seen in an ancient book of vampires previously. After the show, Steve leaves Darren to find Crepsley. Unbeknownst to Steve, Darren follows him and listens in as he hears Steve beg Crepsley to turn him into a vampire and take him on as his assistant. Crepsley initially agrees, but changes his mind when he tastes Steve's blood, which he accuses of being evil, and refuses to take Steve as his assistant. Steve leaves, swearing vengeance on the vampire. Darren is afraid of Steve and is disturbed by his desire to become a vampire, but after Darren has stolen Crepsley's spider, Madame Octa, the two reconcile and Darren shows Steve how he controls the spider. However, as the two are handling the creature, an unfortunate series of events results in Steve being bitten and poisoned by her. There appears to be no cure, and out of desperation, Darren goes to Crepsley for help, begging for a cure. Crepsley agrees, but only on the condition that Darren becomes a half-vampire and Crepsley's assistant. Darren reluctantly agrees, and successfully cures Steve, and then attempts to abandon Larten Crepsley. However, he cannot control his bloodlust and drinks from one of his friends, and then almost his sister. Steve realizes the truth after witnessing Darren trying to drink blood from the friend during soccer. Darren returns to Crepsley and agrees to becomes his assistant. After Darren fakes his death to his friends and family,after Crepsley dig him up and he takes a walk Steve attacks Darren by putting a stake against his heart and accusing Darren of instructing Madame Octa to attack him and conspiring with Crepsley against him. Steve cannot bring himself to kill Darren, however, but swears to become the world's greatest vampire hunter and return and kill both Darren and Larten Crepsley in the future. 


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