Tasuku Kurosaki
    Tasuku Kurosaki

    Age: 24
    Blood type: AB
    Height: 181cm
    Favorite food: Potato salad with ham and corn. (No apple or mandarin! nothing too sweet or sour; hates tomatoes)


    Kurosaki works as the school janitor. He is also a computer hacker.

    He is a drinker, smokes a lot, is violent, dangerous, scary, and calls Teru his servant. He is quite good-looking as well. He does not display his emotions normally but when he gets angry, he can be very terrifying. He swears at times, and likes to eat. He is an excellent cook, but usually commands Teru to cook. However, he can be protective of Teru when she is in danger. And yes, he is in love with her.


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