Shouta Mikoshiba
    Shouta Mikoshiba
    Shouta Mikoshiba is the captain of the First Unit of the Tokkei, with a success rate of 100%. He's not only skilled, but also wise and cunning. His weapon is a Colt M1911. 

    In fact, Shouta carries a deep scar after killing his captain Sakurazawa Tokio, who while being the closest person to Shouta, went nuts and started a massacre killing both criminals and innocent people. Sakurazawa deeply wounded Shouta but before Shouta lost consciousness, he shot Sakurazawa to death. Shouta often dreams about that moment.

    Despite being the best in Tokkei, Shouta dislikes his job and dislikes the current state of affairs in the Empire. He hates being called 'dolls' and is a lot more compassionate than he seems.

    A few years ago Shouta was forced by his old friend Hasui Tamao to live together (more like Tamao moved in). Due to Hasui's strong hatered for Tokkei, Shouta was never able to uncover his secrets.


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