Usaki Toudou
    Usaki Toudou

    Birthday: October 29
    Weight: 55kg
    Blood type: O


    Usaki Toudou is a 19-year-old new member of the First Brigade, freshly graduated from the Academy at the top of his class. He's promptly renamed Usagi from his companions. He's very surprised of the attitude of his colleagues, because he is the one who looks emotionless more than any other. His weapon is a katana. He also has a twin brother in a coma, whom he regularly visits in the hospital. He seems to hold some sort of guilt, and it is implied that he killed someone in his youth. It is revealed that Usaki wanted to become a Tokkei, because since he heard that the job was difficult, becoming a Tokkei might help atone for his "sin". Usaki has a strong sense of respect for Seiju and especially Shouta, not only of their high rank, but their belief in justice.


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