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Risu couldn't produce any magic smoke. Believing himself to be one of the many magically-impaired members of sorcerer society, he joined the CrossEyes organization to make a living. Risu later discovered that he actually possessed a very rare magical ability - the power of Curse. Overjoyed, he told his best friend Aikawa the good news. Little did he know that Aikawa was actually the unwilling alter-ego of the CrossEyes Boss.

As soon as the Boss learned of this ability, he murdered Risu and attempted to claim his Curse power, but it would not be so easy. Risu's Curse power activated upon death, releasing an avenging specter that proved too much for even the CrossEyes Boss to handle. Years later, Risu was resurrected and fused with his Curse specter. His Curse power will not let him rest until the one who killed him is dead.


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