Kyouhei Kadota
    Kyouhei Kadota
    Height: 183cm
    Weight: 74kg
    Birthday: September 15th
    Blood Type: B
    Hobbies: Reading, ink and wash paintings 
    Things he likes: Company, hot springs, watching baseball games
    Things he dislikes: Fiendish deeds, being called Dotachin
    Foods he likes: Sushi, soba with tempura, green tea
    Foods he dislikes: Nothing in particular, but he's not very skilled with forks and knives.
    Favorite saying: "When you are standing at the batter's box of life, don't get struck out!" - Kobayashi Shigeru (professional baseball player)


    Originally part of his own gang, Kyohei is now member of the gang Dollars. He has a nickname "Dotachin" which is used by several characters in the series (mostly Izaya and Erika).

    One day he got a message to join the gang Dollars. He first thought is was a joke but on the next day he saw his login name (MONTA) on the list of the members of Dollars.

    Monta originated from his last name (門田), because 門 is also read as Mon and 田 (Ta) stays the same.

    Him and other members never saw the leader of Dollars, but he has a suggestion who the leader is because there is only one person who could organize such a strange organization. His suspicion is on Izaya Orihara. Izaya was also the person who gave him the nickname "Dotachin". 


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