Geng Wu
    Geng Wu
    Wu Geng is the prince and son of Zi Zhou. Spoiled and without courage is the first impression about him.

    He is a hybrid of the god and human race.

    In season 1 he is around 14-15 years old.

    The divine ability which is his main power is known as Monochrome. The ability which is used by the powerful Tian too.

    Monochrome suppresses and counter any sort of offensive forces. Under said power every living thing under heaven will lose it's color and radiance, signifying the withering of vitality. 

    And Wu Geng still has a long way in order to learn it's true powers completely. 

    In season 2, Wu Geng is around 18 years old. His outer appearance changed, he became stronger both physically and when he is using his divine abilities too. 

    He is confident, arrogant and with lot of courage this time.

    He can also use now Smelting Aura like his uncle Zi Yu while having his own style.

    When Wu Geng uses Monochrome, his eye color is changing to blue. 

    When he is using Soul Power his eye color is changing to green.

    His normal eye color is reddish brown.


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