Veronica Madaraki
    Veronica Madaraki
    Assassin bioweapon created by Dr. Madaraki for his own protection. In addition to her naturally high combat ability, she is trained in the handling of explosives and the setting of traps in the field. A large, X-shaped stitch marks her face. Because she was created after Fran, Veronica calls her “elder sister”.

    She wields a huge guillotine blade in her right arm and a sharp sword in her left. She also has sharpened daggers sticking out of the pommel. She follows her own battle etiquette: “To murder while causing as little suffering as possible”. In opposition to Fran, who believes that “regardless of the shape or form, if it can function as a living organism it is good”, Veronica supports the notion of “rather a painless death than a painful life”. She is the antithetical existence to Fran.

    She seems to be very protective of Fran, and will not hesitate to eliminate anything that threatens her, although Fran stops her most of the time because of her beliefs.


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