Ticy Phenyl
    Ticy Phenyl
    Height: 167 cm
    Weight: 53 kg
    B/W/H: 83/57/85
    Age: 17
    Blood: A
    Nationality: Finland
    Volt Weapons: A short, thick bastard sword class (Unknown weapon name)
    Hobby: Taking care of her pet turtle
    Favorite Food: Blueberry pie, Venison dishes
    Weakness: Sensitive to being touched around her neck

    A third year student of the Military Academy West Japan Genetics. She is currently rank No.3 in the third grade Carnival and also the student council vice-president. Her limiter is Abel.
    She always sticks together with Chiffon Fairchild for some reason. Maybe due to her role as student council vice-president? Or her best friend? Or maybe just a bit too close?
    She was the one who stopped the second round of fighting between Satellizer el Bridget and Arnett McMillian.

    She was formerly ranked 3rd among all West Genetics third-year students and now 1st due to Chiffon Fairchild's death and Elizabeth Mably's leave from duty (temporarily). Ticy is currently the Student Council President.


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