Attia Simmons
    Attia Simmons
    Height: 152 cm
    Weight: 41 kg
    B/W/H: 72/51/74
    Age: 17
    Blood: B
    Nationality: Italy
    Volt Weapons: Elegant Destroyer, a chain and ball weapon.
    Hobby: Jogging, Board Games
    Favorite Food: Milk (For more growth??)
    Weakness: Head (Especially patting)

    A third grade student of the Military Academy West Japan Genetics. She is the one behind pulling strings between the third grades and Rana (at first meeting) against Satellizer. She is currently rank No.6 in the Third Year Carnival.

    Her words are like poison, which she keeps reminding the third grades to 'teach' Satellizer a lesson about 'respecting' seniors.


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