Elizabeth Mably
    Elizabeth Mably
    Height: 168 cm
    Weight: 54 kg
    B/W/H: 84/53/85
    Age: 17
    Blood: B
    Nationality: United Kingdom
    Volt weapons: Stigma Satellite System
    Hobby: watching movie
    Favorite food: Fish & Chips
    Weakness: sensitive to being touched behind the neck

    A third year student of the Military Academy West Japan Genetics. She is ranked No.2 in the Third Year Carnival. Chiffon Fairchild knows that she is the mastermind behind causing problems to Satellizer. Her Limiter is Andre.

    The second-ranked strongest third-year student from the United Kingdom. Known as the Academy Reigning Enforcer (神算鬼謀の執行者 Shinsankibō no Shikkōsha), Elizabeth is the leader of the third-years who maintain the Academy's hierarchy and punish those who break them. Her family also runs a winery, along with a famous cosmetics company. Her Volt Weapon, the Stigma Satellite System (スティグマ・サテライト・システム Sutiguma Sateraito Shisutemu, "SSS"), is a pair of satellite-controlled weapons that fires energy beams.


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