Inami (牛宿) is a Genbu Celestial Warrior, initially found in the country of Konan working as a brothel madam. Her true name is Tarma (牛宿 タルマ, Taruma?), born under the star Bull (牛). She fights using a large pipe shaped weapon and, as a Celestial Warrior, possesses the ability to manipulate the length of her hair and the smoke from her oversized pipe.

Because she was brought up in the imperial harem for the Rowun clan, Inami possesses a surprising amount of knowledge concerning the inner workings of Hokkan's imperial court. During this time, she witnessed Teg being brought before Hokkan's emperor and the revelation that Teg was only half of the warrior Urumiya, information which becomes key when Hagus is revealed to be Urumiya. When Inami's own existence as a Celestial Warrior surfaced eleven years ago, Inami was forced to flee in order to protect herself and her unborn child. Though she escaped her attackers, she was wounded and left to freeze to death with her stomach bleeding in the streets of Touran, Hokkan's capital. Though Inami was rescued by a brothel madam named Shunu and her attendants, Inami's child did not survive. Though thrown into a depression, Inami was permanently taken in by Shunu, who presented an optimistic view that someday they'd all be able to live happily in the sunlight instead of the darkness of the night. To protect Inami, Shunu moved her brothel down to Konan.

Inami, like most of the Celestial Warriors, first comes across as cold and stubborn and unwilling to accept her destiny. A proud woman despite her profession, Inami's loyalties lied solely with Shunu until Takiko demonstrates the attitude Inami had when she was the priestess' age. Instead of dying with Shunu amidst the powers of an Enma addressed as the Grudge, she renews her vow to live and work towards stepping into the daylight. Because she is the eldest of the Celestial Warriors, she holds the role of an aunt to Takiko and the other warriors. She and Hikitsu develop a friendly relationship based on respect and acknowledgement as the more experienced members of the group and Inami seems to enjoy looking after Hatsui, perhaps in her desire to appease her maternal instincts.


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