Rimudo Roun
Rimudo Roun

Celestial warrior name: Uruki
Age: 16
Birth Date: January 28th
Birth Place: Touran, Hokkan
Height: Male: 175cm Female: 165cm
Blood Type: O
Constellation: Woman, "Nu"
Symbol Location: center of chest


The first Seishi that Takiko meets. He had been captured by a village, and was sentenced to death. When he sees Takiko, (s)he is chained to a pillar, waiting to be eaten by the nasutta. He is a man known for killing a thousand people, and after being freed by Takiko, he soon is discovered by Prince Hakei so joins the Kutou army to hide from the people of Hokkan. Despite initial threats to kill her, he soon takes up the task of protecting Takiko, and leaves the Kutou army.

Rimudo is the crown prince of Hokkan, the son of Lord Temudan. After his birth, there was a prophecy he would kill his father, and so he was to be killed. The Wakaosa family, traditional guardians of the royal family, was instead asked by his mother to protect him, and so Rimudo was raised as part of the Baku tribe with Soruen and Tauru who became like his family. He'd love to kill his father, and has attempted to do so on serval occasions. He seems to have no interest in the politics of his royal family, and destests them for the way the live and the cruel things they to to not only their family, bu their country.

He was eight when he discovered he was a seishi- Tauru was killed, and he in turn killed everyone around with his cutting wind. He has power over wind (either attacking or a sort of teleportation), and when he fights, he seems to move like the wind itself. But whenever his symbol appears on his chest he turns into a woman.

When Rimudo loves someone, he loves with all his heart, fights wildly to protect them, and grieves deeply if that person is lost. He doesn't have much interest in the other Seishi, and has instead made Takiko the centre of his universe, despite their intial rocky relationship. It was Soruen who encouraged him to respect his feelings for Takiko, and to confess his love, which he does in chapter 14. He wants their relationship to be that between a man and a woman, rather than the formal relationship between Seishi and priestess. 


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