Urumiya (危宿), born under the star Danger (危), introduced by his birthname of Hagas (ハーガス, Hagasu?), is the last of the Genbu Celestial Warriors to be unveiled. In actuality, he is only half a Celestial Warrior since he only possesses half a character – the other half is marked on the body of his twin brother, Teg. A dangerous and skilled assassin, Hagas always carries a wide bladed sword and is a proficient archer. As a Celestial Warrior, he is able to absorb the powers of other Celestial Warriors though his mouth and then use them as he pleases. He wears a cross-shaped strap across his face to conceal his character. His only weakness appears to be that there is something wrong with his eyes, a discrepancy noticed by both Soruen and Takiko, to which Soruen suggests that Hagas is partially blind at times. 

    Hagas comes across as a coldhearted and merciless man whose only desire is to succeed in his mission to kill Uruki. He is unemotional and able to remain calm and focused, even in the heat of battle, but demonstrates an unexpectedly compassionate side to him when he saves two children from misaimed arrows. When he is not battling Uruki and Takiko, he comes across as morose and quiet. 

    Takiko is stunned to discover that Hagas is Urumiya, since the necklace of the Oracle Anru had indicated two markings for Urumiya and one was in Touran. Hagas reveals to Takiko and Soruen that he is a twin and that his elder twin brother, Teg, carries the other half of the character. When Teg's existence as a Celestial Warrior was revealed seventeen years ago, he was imprisoned by the former emperor while Hagas remained undetected. To this end, Hagas intends to obey Temudan's orders to kill Uruki in order to rescue his brother; however, Hagas holds no loyalty to the emperor, keeping his character concealed, and plans to kill Temudan once Teg is freed. As a result, Hagas is the only Genbu Celestial Warrior who does not want to cooperate with Takiko, though she continues to have faith that he will join her someday and promises to help him rescue his brother. 


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