Fuuka Akitsuki
    Fuuka Akitsuki
    Fuuka is the daughter of Suzuka and Yamato from the prequel Suzuka.

    Fuuka is an energetic girl who is quick to anger, but also willing to admit when she is wrong and generally easy going and friendly. She has a willful, sincere personality that mysteriously inspires others and attracts people to her. Her age is currently unknown, but is estimated around 15, seeing that she is still in first year of high school. (She and Yuu are both in class 1-A at their high school.)

    Despite seeming to enjoy life and being generally upbeat, she sometimes feels frustrated like she is missing something in her life. She doesn't seem to have much of an interest in track and field, even though her parents are top athletes. (She did do track and field in middle school, but didn't find it satisfying towards her feelings of frustration.) Nachi, a member of the track and field team, frequently tries to convince her to join.


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