Haruto Kirishima
    Haruto Kirishima
    Birthday: October 30
    Birthplace: Hiroshima 
    Height: 175 cm
    Weight: 64 kg
    Blood Type: O

    The male protagonist of the series. He has a reserved personality, which causes him to become perturbed by Yuzuki and his sister's actions. He has a very strong sense of responsibility and consideration for others. He became a member of the school cooking club because he thought that Nanami would also join.

    Before the series, he always lived in his hometown. He met a lost Yuzuki during the festival while they were children; he took care of her and told her that if she ever had problems she could come see him again. Entering in middle school he secretly had a crush on Nanami.

    At the beginning of the series when Yuzuki had come to his house, he was irritated with her and did not remember meeting her before. But he becomes protective of her and they become good friends. Thanks to Yuzuki he gets closer to Nanami and finally confesses his love to her, but Nanami replies that she wants them to stay friends and tells him that she wants more time to think. Yuzuki also confesses her love to him, saying that he'll fall for her eventually, but she believes that first he'll end up with Nanami.


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