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Ruka Nogi

Ruka Nogi

Nickname: Ruka-Pyon, Ru-Chan 

Gender: Male 

Age: 10 

Alice: Animal Pheromone 

Alice Stone Color: Milky White 

Birthday: March 16 


Height: 140 cm 

Weight: 35 kg 

Ruka is Natsume's childhood friend and often referred by Mikan throughout the story as "Ruka-pyon." He has a gentle and pleasant personality that balances out that of Natsume's. Even though he tries to hide his feelings for Mikan Sakura, the grown-ups already know about it and even teased Ruka many times by the Watching Over Ruka Group. He always carries around a rabbit and has a way with animals, they seem to attract to him. He is also the main target of Hotaru, who loves clicking funny pictures of him and selling them.

He belongs to the Somatic class. He is a Triple Star student like Hotaru.


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