Himiko Kudou
    Himiko Kudou

    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Birthday: 10th February
    Height: 152 cm
    Weight: 48 kg
    Bloodtype: B
    Weapon: 7 Poison Perfumes


    A delivering agent, and independent contractor. She became a transporter so that she could eventually meet Ban and hopefully kill him, but found herself unable to do it once they had met again, and slowly she seems to be coming to terms with it. Himiko's talents lie in her seven poison perfumes. Flame scent [Kaenkou] will make a person's body burn from the inside, causing them to breathe fire; regression scent [Taikoukou] causes the brain functions to be reduced to minimum, turning people into essentially monkeys; puppet scent [Kugutsukou], which makes others obey her every command; tracking scent [Tsuibikou] which will allow her to track her own movements, or for others to follow her trail; time scent [Jigenkou] that ceases all muscle movement in the victim at the designated time; corrosion scent [Fushokukou] that reacts like acid to anything that it touches; and acceleration scent [Kasokukou] that doubles her physical speed each time she uses it, at great risk to her own health.


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