Shuuichi Shindou
    Shuuichi Shindou

    Birthdate: April 16
    Age: 19
    Blood Type: AB
    Height: 165 cm (5' 5")
    Weight: 51 kg (112.4 lbs)
    Hair Color: Pink (red in OVA)
    Eyes: Amethyst (green in OVA)


    Shuichi's beginning ambition in the series is to follow in the footsteps of his idol, Ryuichi Sakuma, the lead singer of the band Nittle Grasper, by creating his own successful music band named Bad Luck.
    Initially, Eiri Yuki treats Shuichi coldly, but Shuichi perseveres through Yuki's cold behaviour and eventually the two begin a relationship after Shuchi helps Yuki through his tragic past and the events related to, Kitazawa Yuki. Shuichi's band also begins to rise in fame, and a major portion of the series focuses on his attempts to balance the demands of his job with his pursuit of Eiri's affections.

    Shuichi has an innocent and energetic personality that is indicative of the uke stereotype. This is amplified in the anime, where he frequently goes into super deformed mode, which often ruins serious scenes. Despite this hyper activeness, he also shows determination and preserverance when he buckles down and focuses on what he wants. This is evident in his zeal to get to the top of the charts with Bad Luck and his aggressive pursuit of his love interest Eiri Yuki.


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