Kotonoha Nanase
    Kotonoha Nanase
    Kotonoha Nanase is main heroine of Gun X Clover. Known for her talent to able to read Dead Language, Kotonoha has became the target from terrorist around world for her deadly powers, which is rumored to destroy everything while she read the endangered language. Through Morito Hayama's service as her exclusive escort, Kotonoha would be Morito's prominent ally to stop Child Room's devious ambitions, who appears after her abilities in the quest for power.
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    In total, Kotonoha has 7 personalities. She changes personality to adapt the current situation and protect her original persona (Kotonoha). They are:
    1. Kotonoha (一葉)
    2. Futaba (二葉)
    3. Mitsuba (三葉)
    4. Yotsuba (四葉)
    5. Itsuha (五葉)
    6. Mutsuha (六葉)
    7. Nanoha (七葉)