Kyouko Watari
    Kyouko Watari

    Birthday: June 20
    Bloodtype: A
    Height: 149cm
    Weight: 37kg
    BWH: 71-54-74


    Kyouko Watari is a high school freshman. She lived a regular life untill two family members from an "Evil Organazation" showed up on her doorstep and changed her life drastically. Everything started in the morning of the first day of high school, when Kyouko after waking up discovered she was chained to the bed by Jiro Akuno, her cousin that arrived at her house earlier on withought her knowing, who wanted to "modify" her, and make her his "underling". Throughout the series she is constantly pestered by Jiro, who thinks up various plots to modify her body, and constantly gets her into trouble.

    Throught the series, she learns more about the "Evil Organization", and even began to ponder weather she should take up Jiros offer and join the organisation as a Supervisor.

    She has a chest complex, and is violent. Kyouko is considered normal in the looks department, however, she makes up for it with her athletic skills.


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