Hana is the main heroine in the story. She was as an infant, found by Vivi during the second winter of his trip to the human world and has since then grown to the age of 14[2]. She got her name because she has a "smile like a flower" (Hana is Japanese for flower).
    Hana greatly admires Vivi and often brings him flowers, although they wilt as soon as he touches them because he is a demon. Hana has a fear of thunder, which causes her to hide under Vivi's bed. Hana is very naive, which often causes Vivi to get mad at her. It often seems like Hana is not listening to people, but she actually hears and answers back just in the moment they get mad at her.
    Hana wants Vivi to drink her blood but he refuses. She is jealous of Ayame because Vivi "accepts" Ayame's blood.


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