Vivi is a 200-year-old demon who, out of boredom in the demon realm, came to the human realm. During his second winter in the human realm, he finds a baby abandoned at his gate who he adopts and names "Hana" for her smile that resembles a blossoming flower. He takes on a father-like role for Hana and cares deeply for her, however, he does not realize that the "buzzing" feeling and the moments of jealous he experiences, especially when Hana is in her older form, is love.

    He is related to Lucifer, the king of the demon realm. In the demon realm, he is a duke, the youngest ever to have been given a title at 10 years old (it is only third to King and archduke). He is also a candidate to be the next Demon King by the insistence of Lucifer. Vivi, however, has no interest in his position nor power. 

    He is childhood friends with Felten, Eleanor, and Klaus. 

    After he noticed the fact that Momo has a crush on Hana, he starts a childish fight with him. Though he appears to be indifferent, he actually cares for Hana.

    He hates getting up in morning. He would rather sleep until the afternoon. However, he usually gets up since Hana comes to wake him up with a flower every morning.

    Vivi hates and fears cats due to a childhood trauma. As a child, he would always skip classes. Therefore, one day a teacher got mad at him that she tied him up and threw him into a dark cellar with hundreds of cats. They bit him very often. Even though the wounds healed quickly, he is afraid of cats.


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