Christopher (or Chris) is a 18 year old orphan who doesn't know his real name.

According to Yuu is Chris very good at reading people (first chapter). He lives with a trauma and is often seen as weird and strange, which makes him feel frustrated because he can't help it.
Christopher was searching for someone to share his live with until he met Yuu, a novelist whose book Chris used to love as a kid.
Chris is quite the selfless person, helping Yuu with his trauma while is own trauma is much worse than Yuu's.
Because Chris wasn't able to step outside when he was younger, he was happy to connect with the outside world through books and television.

Chris has long, light hair and is seen as a beautiful young man who's looks come to him naturally. He was born in Selcia.

When Chris was 8 year old, he was found on a battle ground as a war orphan. He taken as a refugee and stayed since then in a hospital in Japan, where he was taken care of by dr. Anne Jefferson as he was traumatised and addicted to opium. He had only few changes to go outside. When Chris was 13 year old, he couldn't bear the be in the hospital anymore and escaped.
He then sold his body to women to get by.
Not very long after his outbreak Chris meets Yuu, his favorite writer and (celebrity) crush. As they are being both quite drunk, they marry immediatly, tattooing the same ring on their finger.
Chris stays with Yuu as a married couple, until Yuu kicks him out, telling him he never loved Chris.
Chris returns to the hospital after that and ends up trying to commit suicide, when Yuu visits him and says he will wait for him to come back. It was according to Christopher the only reason he was able to stay alive in that time.
After 2 years in the hospital Chris and Yuu reunite again and marry once more.


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