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Suzume Yosano

Suzume Yosano


Animal in name: Sparrow (スズメ = Suzume)
Birthday: December 1
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood type: A
Favorite food: Fish
Interests: Grabbing things
Fear: When Suzume feels troubled, she squeezes her bag's strap since she has a habit of grabbing things.


Suzume grew up in the countryside most of her life until her father's work made him and Suzume's mother leave the country. They leave her in the care of her uncle who lives in Tokyo and owns a restaurant. She meets Shishio randomly at the bus stop and discovers that he is her uncle's friend and her teacher. He nicknamed her "Chun-chun."

She is obsessed with an occurrence that happened when she was in elementary school, in which after getting lost on the way home, she saw a shooting star in the middle of the day. She has bad grades and frequently skips class due to her obsession with once again seeing that star.


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