Satsuki Shishio
    Satsuki Shishio

    Animal in name: Lion (獅子 = Shishi)
    Birthday: October 3
    Height: 179 cm
    Weight: 67 kg
    Blood type: O
    Favorite food: Omaibou, katsu-don
    Interests: Kiki tobacco, collects easy-to-write ballpoint pens
    Fear: Easily gets a hangover the day after drinking


    Yukichi's friend and Suzume's teacher. He gave the nickname "Chun-Chun" to Suzume. He is a bit of an oddball because outside of his profession as a teacher his appearance changes to accommodate the fact; his hair is messy, he wears big glasses and his clothes and manner of speech are more suited to that of a cheerful, somewhat weird teenager.

    He retains some of his nature while in his role as a teacher and discards anything that is considered unprofessional, claiming he knows the line between work and outside, but that line begins to blur once he starts spending time with Suzume.


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