Aki Gotouda
    Aki Gotouda
    Birthday: March 3
    Height: 175 cm

    He is heir to the Gotouda group, which is currently led by his father. Aki's mother is the head of her own yakuza group, making Aki a thoroughbred yakuza. Because of his often mocked fashion sense, he even looks like a stereotypical yakuza. Despite everyone constantly teasing him for his style, he insists on slicking his hair back and wearing gaudy suits, saying that the "normal" fashions are too boring.

    Aki falls in love with Ueda at first sight when he catches the man who stole Aki's underwear. Aki's family hates the police for obvious reasons, but Aki looks past Ueda's profession, initially because he simply finds Ueda cool. Aki has always fallen in love easily, not caring if it was a girl or a guy, his longest relationship lasting for three months. His love for Ueda, however, is completely different from anything he has ever felt.


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